Tales of Times Past

Tales Foundation Program

The Tales of Times Past – Intergenerational / Intercultural Oral History Foundation Program aims to restore the role of Eldership as an invaluable component in the way a community develops and sustains itself.

By positioning our Elders as active agents of community development the ‘Tales of Times’ Past Foundation Program uses the medium of Heritage Storytelling to offer a powerful and unique community development experience that examines, redefines and renews the relationships that exist across generations and cultures within our communities.

The Tales of Times Past Foundation Program brings together Senior’s from a local community area to develop their stories and presentation skills, through a series of enjoyable senior activities with the aim to establish the group as an ongoing and sustainable Tales of Times Past Branch.

Since inception in 1995 the Tales Foundation Program, designed and developed by Vasanti Sunderland (Community Voice Consultancy) has been delivered in 26 Shires, Towns and Cities in Perth and country Western Australia and to 2014 has involved over;

  • 1250 senior storytellers,
  • 1600 storytelling presentations at Primary and Secondary schools, Educational Institutions (TAFE), Libraries, Government and Non-government Organizations (Senior Centres) Community Groups, National and International Camps, Festivals, and other Public Events.
  • 85,000 students, teachers and general public.

The ‘Tales of Times Past’ Foundation Program has been designed with a series of manuals to support the delivery in urban, rural and remote centres across Australia.

‘It has been a privilege to address audiences young and old with tales of times past, I am amazed at the wrapped attention of both school children and seniors. The feed back in the form of letters from the children and recognition of citizens in the street proves that this is a valuable community activity’  – Ken Beamish, Senior Storyteller

For further information about the program please contact Vasanti Sunderland for a detailed prospectus.

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