Tales of Times Past

Storytelling in schools

Our aim is to provide a unique heritage resource to students and teachers from primary to secondary years, for an understanding of life as it was generations ago.  Our stories portray urban and rural pioneer life and the development of our culturally diverse Australian society.

 Our Heritage storytelling presentations in Schools are an:

  • Educational living Heritage resource
  • Enjoyable Inter-generational / Intercultural interaction

This opportunity for a positive dialogue has many beneficial outcomes such as;

  • Changing perceptions between Seniors and younger people
  • Consideration of different values and traditions

The school storytelling presentations enable a unique opportunity for students to experience ‘first hand’ these wonderful tales. The stories are educative and entertaining and are enhanced with photos and other memorabilia.

The stories are drawn from a range of themes such as:

  • Childhood, school days, family life, entertainment.
  • Changes in the environment, technology, science, medicine, and society.
  • Living through historical events, both local and world wide
  • Early migration and settlement.

Our storytellers come from many walks of life and all parts of the world with a wide range of experiences from the everyday domestic and community life to earlier work in a range of trades, industries, professions and businesses.

The stories are designed to be age appropriate and link with many aspects of the National School Curriculum. With prior notice our stories can be designed around a particular subject or to support a particular event such as Anzac Day, School Centenary and State celebrations.

Our storytellers are available for individual classes or a visit to the whole school. Available days and times for storytelling in schools vary between the Branches with most preferring the mornings.

Whole school presentations

Whole school presentations are designed to be delivered during the morning and comprise of two x one-hour sessions, one before and one directly after morning recess. Each session would have concurrent presentations, comprising of 1/ 2 Seniors visiting each individual classroom. Years 1 and 2 adapted as required.

Our Seniors enjoy the opportunity to speak with teachers over morning tea during the recess.

Individual class presentations

These individual storytelling presentations are arranged as required.  Many teachers request specific themes to enhance a particular subject as it occurs during the year’s timetable.

While the Heritage Presentations are on a volunteer basis, a donation is appreciated as a contribution toward some of our costs.

To arrange a visit please contact your nearest TOTPSS Branch or General Contact. You can also download the Registration Form and email or post to relevant contact person.


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