Tales of Times Past

Oral History

Our experiences not only indicate days long gone, but also serve as unclasped books. Through continuous sharing of these experiences, we build connections between generations. With Tales of Times Past, we bring the wonders of past stories back into the present and provide a rich historical resource both for the young and old.

We offer Oral History presentations to provide valuable information, with different insights, and alternative explanations that play significant roles in shaping Australia’s culture. Through our presentations, we convey feelings and emotions that make history more interesting and interactive among the audience.

Providing A Strong Impact for Audiences

Our presentations bring out the life in every story to reach audiences, creating a strong impact that written words cannot express. We present memorabilia, photos, and other visuals to support our narratives and give them a new and unique touch. Through Oral History, we reinforce experiences and turn them into a learning point for today’s generation.

Fostering Greater Awareness and Appreciation of Australian Heritage

Through Oral History storytelling Tales, of Times Past capture important moments and foster awareness of old-world knowledge. Throughout the years, we’ve promoted activities that encourage audiences to relate narratives with community celebrations and important historical events. We explore changes in society and turn them into subjects or themes of our narratives, providing a reference for the audience.

Preserving Knowledge of Older Generations

We believe that seniors serve as a rich resource of knowledge sand insights. At Tales of Times Past, we encourage seniors to recall memories and share their own experiences. We also hold community workshops to develop stories while maintaining lively discussions.

Bring fun into history with Tales of Times Past. Contact us to get more information about our Oral History activities. We look forward to sharing more stories for school or community events!