Tales of Times Past

Heritage Storytelling

Australians tell stories to pass down values and traditions to future generations. By sharing anecdotes, people gain a wealth of knowledge about the old ways of living – from tales of early settlements to inspirational childhood stories. To promote interaction and foster appreciation with these stories, Tales of Times Past offers Heritage Storytelling for schools and community.

We have a network of Senior Storytellers sharing their experiences, heart – warming anecdotes, and old-world knowledge. Through Heritage Storytelling, we aim to help current generations learn about Australia’s ancestors, old values, and the rich cultures that have shaped today’s communities.

 Encouraging Interactions Through Different Activities

Our style of Heritage Storytelling isn’t like any other presentation where you only sit and listen. Our storytellers encourage interaction to make the presentation more enjoyable for everyone. we provide visuals to make the stories more entertaining. Our storytellers also promote a lively discussion during the presentation to create a sense of belonging and establish a connection between old and new generations.

Linking Historical  Accounts to Curriculums

Tales of Times Past also conducts Heritage Storytelling in classrooms to help students understand how communities evolved and how changes influenced today’s way of life. Our storytellers share anecdotes relevant to the schools curriculum, such as local and worldwide historical events. With our presentations, we make learning more fun, interactive, and interesting for young curious minds.

Maintaining Strong Communities

As “keepers” of our heritage, Tales of Times Past makes efforts to maintain strong connections with the community by participating in local events. We conduct presentations during local historical celebrations, such as Anzac Day  and other special events, such as  Christmas functions. Communities have valued and appreciated our contribution throughout the years.

Rekindle long-forgotten events and explore the rich Australian heritage with Tales of Times Past. Contact us for more information about our activities.