Tales of Times Past

Our philosophy

In the last one hundred years so much has changed so rapidly and our Senior Heritage Storytellers have had a ringside seat.

We have been witness to technological and scientific advancement and vast shifts in the demographic structure of our globe.  We believe, as ‘keepers’ of our Heritage this knowledge can be lost in today’s busy world.

Our activities create opportunities to come together to recall and share our memories that speak of places, people and events that are drawn from a time very different to our current world.

Younger generations are losing the opportunity to link with older people who have a vast knowledge of lived experience in their community. Through our Heritage Senior Storytellers they learn of history from direct personal contact. We believe it is vitally important that our younger generations have opportunities to embrace their Heritage.

The exposure to this is important in many ways such as:

  • Creating a sense of belonging through lineage.
  • Developing respect and appreciation for people and place.
  • Discovering how communities evolve.

For older generations the opportunity to be engaged in this enjoyable and valuable Heritage activity is significant as it:

  • Reduces isolation through supportive networks and active community engagement.
  • Enriches Seniors’ lives through appreciation of their own lived experiences.
  • Restores the role of ‘Eldership’ and its positive effect in community life.
  • Enables an appreciation of local and world history.

Heritage Storytelling is the past brought vibrantly alive not only to the ear of the listeners but to the heart. It endeavours to create a bridge from the past to the present that informs the future. – Vasanti Sunderland