Tales of Times Past

What We Do

Our Senior Heritage Storytellers have developed their own experiences into a collection of stories accentuated with gathered memorabilia that represent life in the earlier parts of the last century. Our stories form a part of the greater Australian story as told by all its’ people.

The stories are of people, places and events of past times that reflect our Australian history.

The stories are drawn from a range of themes such as:

  • Childhood, school days, family life, entertainment.
  • Changes in the environment, technology, science, medicine, and society.
  • Living through historical events, both local and world wide
  • Early migration and settlement.

These stories are shared with all generations at Heritage Storytelling Presentations in: local Schools and other educational institutions: Libraries, community groups and organizations, festivals and other public events.

We also encourage other Seniors in the community to recall and share their memories at our ‘Remember When’ – Community Workshops.

TOTPSS Seniors Heritage Storytellers are

  • Loved by students
  • Appreciated by school staff
  • Admired by Education Administrators
  • Valued by their communities
  • Appreciated by family and friends