Tales of Times Past

Interactive Storytelling

Interaction and creativity are at the forefront when it comes to engaging an audience. With imagery, sound and exceptional storytelling skills, simple narrative can turn into a great piece for entertaining both the young and old. This is what we do. Tales of Times Past brings the fun and the enjoyment in learning about Australia’s rich and diverse heritage through interactive storytelling.

We encourage lively dialogues among participants, creating the perfect opportunity to build connections and bridge the gap between old and new generations.

A Different Approach to Presenting Old-World Knowledge

The current generation has yet to learn old-world knowledge, as well as the values and traditions that come with it. Tales of Times Past makes this happen through a series of presentations from our Senior Storytellers. We make every discussion more enjoyable to prompt interaction and to present Australia’s rich culture in a new light.

Focus on a Particular Subject or Theme

Whether you want to make history class more interesting or to put together a presentation for an upcoming festival in your community, Tales of Times Past can offer interactive storytelling to give a unique touch to your presentations. Our Heritage Storytellers can design a presentation based on a particular subject or theme to grab the interests of your audience.

Creators and Keepers of Timeless Narratives

Tales of Times Past serve as both creators and keepers of stories. Our Senior Storytellers demonstrate great value as a rich resource of timeless narratives. From historical events, early settlements and old Australian lifestyle, tom personal experiences – we’ve got you covered. Make storytelling an experience to remember. Contact our storytellers in any branch to arrange a presentation for your school or local community event. We look forward to sharing experiences with you!