Tales of Times Past

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Tales of Times Past Senior Storytellers are a network of local community branches comprised of voluntary senior Heritage Storytellers.

We endeavour to preserve and share with all generations, the richly diverse cultural oral histories, that represent our wider Australian story.

These personal stories act as a bridge to reach across the years and offer a lively insight into life, as it was in times past.

Rekindle Memories and Explore Old-World Knowledge with Tales of Times Past

Old stories can serve as a strong heritage for the community. Anecdotes from when technology was barely at the centre of society provide a good starting point for cultural and ethnic development. When it comes to sharing these stories, Tales of Times Past stands at the forefront of it all.

Connecting Generations

We’ve gathered volunteer senior storytellers from all places to share stories and provide a rich understanding of Australia’s heritage across generations. We cover diverse tales with different themes − family life, childhood, historical events, and early settlement.

Promoting Interaction between the Young and Old

With our network of heritage storytellers, we aim to reinforce connections of young minds with the experiences of community veterans. We establish seniors as a prime resource of social, cultural, and ethnic knowledge within communities. We encourage positive dialogues and enjoyable discussions to share important values and traditions.

Providing a Venue for Learning

Tales of Times Past also conducts presentations and programmes. We hold fun storytelling in schools to make learning more enjoyable for students in primary and secondary years. We also conduct workshops and community storytelling during local events and celebrations. With Tales of Times Past, everyone can participate in our activities and share their own thoughts during discussions.

Tales of Times Past serves as “keepers” of our heritage, offering stories that allow the community to rekindle memories and old-world knowledge. We have nine local branches in Perth and country Western Australia, with the goal of sharing our tales to a wide audience.

Contact our storytellers for more information about our programmes and activities.